Castro Valley, CA

20359 Lake Chabot Road, Castro Valley, CA 94546

Meridian Assembles the Ideal Team for Development of a Challenging Ground-Up 10,000 SF Outpatient Facility

Meridian was engaged to develop a 10,000 square foot outpatient clinic in Castro Valley, California as a requirement for its client. Meridian identified an available parcel in a perfect location and quickly made the acquisition. The site itself was small and oddly-shaped, given the client requirement, and also had challenging topography. Meridian’s strong relationships with vendors within the industry allowed them to assemble the perfect team for the project. Castro Valley lies within a tough municipal jurisdiction so Meridian was also able to work closely with the County and surrounding community to swiftly move through a tricky entitlement process. Within just six months, Meridian built a brand new, state-of-the-art clinic in an ideal location. The Castro Valley clinic will provide life-saving dialysis treatment to patients in the surrounding community.


Castro Valley is a healthy medical market that Meridian first began working in back in the early 2000’s. So, when Meridian learned that its client had a requirement in the area they immediately knew the ideal site and worked quickly to secure a .69-acre parcel of land in the perfect location. The site is located just one block from Sutter Health’s Eden Medical Center Campus and sits on the main arterial road leading to Sutter hospital in the central off-campus medical corridor of Castro Valley. With a strong site location though, often comes other challenges and this was no different.

Given the building requirement it was quickly clear that the size of the parcel could pose a bit of a challenge. Furthermore, the site was relatively odd-shaped with challenging topography. Excited at the prospect of providing its client with a building in such an excellent location, Meridian moved forward with the project confident its development team could use its creativity to come up with a site plan that would work.


Meridian started by assembling a team of all-stars to help design and build the 10,000 SF outpatient clinic. Meridian chose Harriman Kinyon Architects as the architect for the project, and Stevens Hemingway Stevens as the General Contractor. Meridian has worked with these two vendors on over a dozen clinics, so they were confident that they would be instrumental in pulling off this difficult build.

The building required Meridian to make some steep grade changes – approximately a 13-foot difference from the front of the site to the rear. There were also several other entitlements that needed approval before Meridian could start working on the project. Meridian worked closely with the County of Alameda, the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council, and the surrounding community throughout the life of the project. This allowed the team to move swiftly through the entitlement process and gain approvals quickly and effectively.


Ultimately Meridian’s creativity, ability to assemble the perfect team; and, its dedication to working with the public helped make this project a success. Meridian began the project in June 2017 and completed the project by December of the same year. The result is a well-located, state of the art facility where Meridian’s client can provide much needed medical care to the surrounding community.

Meridian has seen a big push by medical providers to have locations with access that is convenient for their patients and that offer visibility to help them gain market share. However, urban locations often require creative solutions, complex construction and careful navigation around the entitlement process. The Castro Valley building is a great example of Meridian’s commitment to solving problems for its clients and delivering exactly what they are looking for.