Modesto, CA

1328 Coffee Road, Modesto, CA 95355

Meridian develops 11,250 SF outpatient dialysis clinic on narrow parcel

Meridian’s client desired a second location in Modesto, California, a City where, at the time, was seeing a heightened demand for medical facilities due to rapid growth in the residential population of the area. Meridian quickly identified a vacant, 0.89-acre parcel of land located on Coffee Road, just down the street from Sutter’s Memorial Medical Center and less than a block away from a variety of neighborhood amenities. Meridian purchased the site with the intent to construct an 11,250 SF OSHPD3 ambulatory outpatient facility for its dialysis client.

Meridian faced two major challenges during construction of this facility. The first was that the site was originally zoned as residential with medical not being allowed. Meridian was able to get creative and rezone the parcel to allow office use with dialysis. This meant the parking requirement was easier to fulfill since it only needed to meet office standards. The second challenge was the site itself. The site was very small and much narrower than most developments Meridian had done for the client in the past. Meridian thought outside the box and was able to utilize a shared driveway with the neighboring property to create enough space for the project. Ultimately, Meridian successfully completed the project, resulting in a gorgeous new facility that includes 38 parking spaces. This project is an example of how Meridian has an unmatched ability to unlock difficult off-market sites for new development.