Pomona, CA

2703 South Towne Avenue, Pomona, CA 91766

Meridian identifies a unique parcel to meet client’s challenging requirements

Meridian’s client, a healthcare provider, needed +12,000 SF of space that had the following characteristics: on grade, ample parking, large open area for a treatment floor, 16’ clear height, high visibility, easy access, near patients, and at a competitive lease rate. Meridian worked with its brokers to identify a unique space that would meet the provider’s requirements. After overcoming many challenges regarding design and construction, Meridian delivered the building to its client two months ahead of schedule and under budget.


Meridian’s client had reached capacity at its existing Pomona clinic and wanted a second location. After presenting numerous sites, we decided to present something slightly unconventional for an outpatient clinic – a Home Depot outparcel. Much to our surprise, our client loved the location due to its high visibility and convenience for its patients.

The unconventional location wasn’t the only complication on this deal. The development required untying a parcel owned by a reputable and capable developer who would have loved to do the development on their own. The pad site sat within a center that included other big box retailers and would require their consent to convert the pad to include medical use. Utilities were up to 1,000 feet away and had to be brought to the pad. Finally, the parcel itself was tucked up against the highway and a Cal Trans easement, which had to be navigated to get our client into the location.


Meridian collaborated with KTGY Architecture on this development and came up with a remarkably good-looking Spanish style building. The building looked and felt like retail, which of course had to be approved not only by the City, but all the other retailers within the center.

Uniquely, this center was also able to use the pylon sign with freeway visibility. While brand exposure, visibility and convenience are commonplace today, at the time of this development it was cutting edge.