San Jose, CA - Di Salvo

75 Di Salvo Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128

Small lot with hefty City requirements requires strong collaboration and impeccable teamwork

We often say that our clients task Meridian with some of the most challenging requirements and this project was no exception. Finding a location near Santana Row, near the O’Connor Hospital, and in the heart of Silicon Valley that was available and at market rent was a tall order in 2011. Meridian was able to identify a small parcel (0.6 acres) with an existing wood walkup building on O’Connor Drive that was walkable to both the hospital and the nearby retail. Trying to fit a +9,000 SF outpatient clinic on that tiny lot required creativity and close collaboration with our civil engineer (Kier & Wright) and architect (Harriman Kinyon Architects).

The development required vacating existing tenants and working closely with the City of San Jose on a parcel that had recently been annexed into the City from the County. Trying to meet the City’s requirements while maintaining a schedule and budget for our tenant was more than tricky. Meridian faced numerous challenges while working to bring the site and offsites up to City standards during the rainy season. The site also required the temporary relocation of utilities that served other outpatient buildings adjacent to the site. The process truly took a lot of collaboration and teamwork with the City, design team, and surrounding neighbors.

Despite the challenges, Meridian prevailed in delivering a 9,000 SF clinic with 4/1000 parking on time and on budget.