Stockton, CA

700 West Lane, Stockton, CA 95210

Meridian delivers 13,600 SF outpatient clinic despite weather challenges

Meridian’s client desired an additional location in Stockton, California, where the client was experiencing strong demand for its services in the area. Meridian identified a 7,500 SF building located directly across the street from Kaiser Permanente’s Stockton Medical Offices and within a five-minute walk to restaurants and retail amenities including Costco. Meridian purchased the building with the intent to demolish it in order to make space for the new, larger facility which would become an ambulatory outpatient clinic for its client.

Meridian purchased the building in March of 2018 with the intent to begin construction in the Fall in order to complete the building on time for its client. As planning got underway, Meridian realized that the rainy season would be hitting them right at the peak of the construction schedule. Weather can be a huge issue during ground-up construction and Meridian knew this could put them significantly behind schedule. With some quick thinking and fast-acting, Meridian rearranged the schedule so they could start construction sooner in order to protect the site before the rainy season hit. The project resulted in a brand new 13,600 SF OSHPD 3 outpatient clinic delivered on time and on budget.